Bamboo Backed Yellowheart Longbow

This primitive longbow is Bamboo backed Yellowheart wood with a Padauk riser. It comes in a range of 68″-72″ min. at 45 lbs draw weight.

It has a comfortable leather handle wrap and is either right or left handed.  It’s been finished with the 3 part Tru-Oil system for a weather proof finish.

It comes with a Dacron Flemish twist string that has serving and a Paracord bow stringer.  An extra groove was carved in for this reason.

This longbow is great for hunting or target shooting.  Only the best supplies from master bowyer Tom Turgeon at Boise Bows and Arrows were used.   This bow shoots very fast and hits hard.

Each bow is individually number with a unique serial number and comes with a 90 day warranty.  All warranty claims will be handled by the bowyer.

Order yours today for $325 plus shipping.


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