Standard Hickory English Longbow

#2-Standard Hickory English Longbow $150 ON SALE $100 plus shipping

Flat back and rounded belly

No arrow rest and can be shot right or left handed off your hand.  String included.


My grandson brought his friend from school with us to spend the day outdoors and practice his archery shooting. I had him try one of my Standard Hickory English Longbows and he loved it. He outgrew his other bow and was ready to try an adult sized bow. He shot a 30# 28″ with no problem.  He shoots like a pro and had a nice grouping all day.

Christan Farnell shooting my 30# 28" Hickory English Longbow

Christan Farnell shooting my 30# 28″ Standard Hickory English Longbow


3 thoughts on “Standard Hickory English Longbow

  1. Bob ayotte

    Have any 35 pounds available? Would it be possible to come to your shop?

  2. charles g matthews

    loking for a 72” 50# English long bow chuck m

  3. Dennis H Metzger

    Do you have one in #45?

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