Arrow Performance

…”I got a chance to try them in my indoor range. I am shooting the length of the shop which is 30 feet. They worked really well….After two or three rounds of shooting three arrows I was able to put all three in a 1.25 inch size circle…I think your feather adjustment distance from the nock is just about right now for my glove. I like your new little notches on the back edges of the feather – looks pretty cool….After it cools down I will try them all out at 20 yards – which will be double the distance I’m shooting now. Thanks again for some really really great arrows…”

-Steve from Missouri




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Thank you!

     “I just got my Andy Miller custom bow today and shot your custom arrows you made me.
Here is my 2nd round at 20 yards. It’s a great bow and your arrows flew wonderfully!”

-Steve from Missouri


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Beautiful Arrows!

I was given some beautiful bamboo arrows at Tomahawk Archers in Temperance Michigan.

-Heather Williams

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Awesome Bamboo Arrows

…”to my pleasant surprise it was the bamboo arrows I ordered from you last week. If you can’t tell from the pictures, they fly great from 20 yards!! The Bear ’59er and I are very happy with the result. I will definitely be a repeat customer in the near future. Thank you Ron for the awesome bamboo arrows.”

Follow up e-mail from Blake: 

“The bamboo arrows are really nice and I can’t wait to get some more.  I really appreciate the fast and very friendly service, too! It is nice to see such friendly people in the archery community.” 

-Blake from Virginia






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Nice Shot!

…” I had to try them out as soon as the rain let me. They all flew straight the bamboo seemed to be a little bit heavier than the cedar ones…but it flew great I’m including a pic of the 3rd rd. out of my Best Friends bow.”  -David from Rockwell City, Iowa

Thanks David for the photo and the nice e-mail.


David's target practice with the bamboo and cedar arrows.

David’s target practice with the bamboo and cedar arrows.


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Another Happy Customer

I really enjoy hearing from my customers and getting feedback about their purchases.  I had a recent customer mail me a real nice letter that I’d like to share.

“…Thanks for sending me your hand made bamboo arrow-I like it’s looks a lot.  And it shoots fast and clean, real nice…Thanks for your help.  Glad I phoned you.”

-Richard from Deer Park, WA

Thanks Richard for you letter, I appreciate your business!

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