Quality Estate Pipes and Watches

New Peterson Pipe

Unsmoked Peterson Pipe


Made in Ireland

Red sandblast finish which highlights the grain in the pipe

Nickle silver band

Vulcanite stem

$96 plus shipping

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Falcon System Pipe

Falcon System Pipe


Very good condition for an older pipe

Original bit in excellent condition, no chew marks

Natural virgin Briar bowl that has no spots or fills. No cracks

Has been sanitized and cleaned, ready to smoke

$20 plus shipping

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Block Meerschaum Pipe

Block Meerschaum Pipe

Stem is either Bakelite or Acrylic with push pull connector

No cracks or chips

10-15 years old

Cleaned and sanitized and ready to smoke

This pipe is part of my personal collection.  Smoked Captain Black original in it.  It smokes well. This is how I recommend to smoke this pipe. To fill the pipe, load it with the pinched tobacco method. Put a pinch of tobacco evenly at the bottom. Continue to use this method until you reach the top. Then pack it firmer until the tobacco is spongy. Periodically take a drag on it and make sure there are no obstructions, which will make the draw too hard and will make more heat.

Smoke this pipe relaxed and enjoy the experience!

$125 plus shipping




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Vintage Estate Smoking Pipes for Sale

Besides traditional archery as a hobby,  I am also a pipe smoker and collector.   I’ve been smoking a pipe since the late 60’s, after I gave up cigarettes.  I think I’ve collected and smoked just about every style of pipe over the decades… from “Sherlock Holmes” calabashes, Meerschaums imported from Turkey to good ol’ fashioned corn cobs made in the USA.

Recently, I’ve gone through my collection of estate pipes to thin them out a bit and of course… to make room for more!





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