Due to recent health concern, all calls and orders are on a temporary hold.


Thank you. We will update the website when orders can be placed again.

Hickory Stick Longbows specializes in authentic, handmade traditional archery equipment.  My items are all handmade using the finest quality wood and leather materials.


When you order from me, we’ll talk first by phone or e-mail.  I want everyone to be satisfied with their purchase.  My goal is to have a long lasting customer relationship.

 During the summer, I travel to local Michigan archery clubs and sell my handmade traditional archery equipment.  I also have my own workshop where I make my custom arrows.

In 2018, I was interviewed by Spencer Wooley from Madonna University. We talked about traditional archery and how I started Hickory Stick Longbows.

I’m pleased to announce a new line I’ll be carrying.  It’s Primitive Archery equipment.  Horse bows, brain tanned leather quivers and primitive knives.  These are authentic and I’m proud to be able to offer these handmade items for sale.  They are truly well made and very unique.

Currently, I have two basic standard longbows for sale.  Those can be ordered to your desired length and weight.  Pictures, descriptions and prices can be found listed at the top of the website.

I am also an official distributor of the “Windwalker” Longbow made by Kohannah Bows and “The Quiet One” made by Best Friend Longbows. Pictures, descriptions and prices can be found listed at the top of the website.

I am offering a new line of longbows from Keith and Alan Archery Longbows.   They’re from the Buckeye state and make a real fine longbow!  Pictures, descriptions and prices are found along the top of the website.

In addition, I have standard arrows for sale made with Fir, POC and Bamboo Shafts.  They are fletched with turkey feathers and in a variety of feather cut designs.  Pictures, descriptions and prices can be found listed at the top of the website.

Each month, I’m giving away one (1) free bamboo arrow.  I like to get feedback on their performance and I encourage archers to try them out.  The complete details for the giveaway can be found on the left under the Arrow Giveaway category or click here.


I also have custom painted longbows of various lengths and weights already made and for sale.  Pictures, descriptions and prices can be found on the left under Custom Longbows for Sale.

 Pictures, descriptions and prices of arrows I have already made can be found on the left under Handmade Arrows.

Looking for other archery equipment?  I have handmade leather quivers and arm guards which are custom made by a fine craftsman friend of mine.  They are also pictured with descriptions and prices on the left under their categories.

Interested in used longbows?  I have both vintage and newer longbows and recurves that were previously owned and well cared for by someone else.  I’ve inspected each one and only sell used equipment that is in good to near mint condition.  Check back often because I’ll be adding new listings each week from my used inventory.

If you’d like to place an order or have any questions about any of my items, please send me an e-mail.


2 thoughts on “WELCOME

  1. Benji Hill

    Hey Ron
    Let’s make the shipping worth your while and I’ll buy 3 more bamboo arrows
    Send me an invoice thru PayPal and I’ll use cc if possible?
    Thx Benji

  2. larry ross

    Ron, I’m going to use the bamboo arrow to try for my spring turkey. It’s a beautiful piece of art, good hunting.

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