“The Quiet One” Longbow

“The Quiet One” by Best Friend Longbows $370.00 plus shipping

I am proud to announce that Hickory Stick Longbows is an official distributor of “The Quiet One” model longbow made by Best Friend Longbows.

The Quiet One is a string follow traditional longbow.

According to the late Howard Hill, the string follow bow is the most forgiving and accurate longbow designed.

This model is in stock and ready to be shipped…no waiting!

66″ long, 45lbs. @28″

Made with 4 laminations of bamboo with a maple stained brown riser.

Black suede handle grip and black fiberglass on the back and belly.

Comes with a fast flight string and bow sock included.

**Warranty Info from Best Friend Longbows:

The Best Friend Longbow Policy: Each bow is made with the utmost honor to our customers and their desire to enjoy the outdoors. I truly intend to uphold the highest standard of craftsmanship and use quality professional materials in the construction of each bow. I will repair or replace a bow with a functional defect for the first two years, to the bows original owner.

A warranty is void when there is any damage cause by, misuse, mishandling, stringing improperly, neglect and such. Replacement or repair will not be provided. This type of damage is determined at my discretion.

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