Standard Bamboo Backed Hickory Longbow

#1-Standard Bamboo Backed Hickory Longbow $180 plus shipping

Comes with a 1 year warranty against normal defects

Standard arrow rest and shoots right handed.  Left handed can be ordered.   String included.


4 thoughts on “Standard Bamboo Backed Hickory Longbow

  1. Brad Turi

    Hello, I am looking for a long bow about #45’s. I am only 5’6″ and looking for a long bow that is shorter than the norm. I want to use it for target practice and for hunting as well. Do make them below 60″???
    I love the look of natural wood. Need one with a standard rest. What are your suggestions???

    • Hi Brad,

      I believe I have a bow that would out pretty well. You are about the same size as me and my family. You can give me call at 313-318-4185 and we can talk about what I have to available. I have a nice 45 pounder that is almost finished that I think you would like. I’m retired and available to talk any day.

  2. Hi. I am interested in getting a standard bamboo backed hickory bow 64inch length ,40# at 28 inches. Can u make me one? If so how much would it be? Thanks.

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