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U-Finish Self Bow-#1

New to my inventory is what I call a “U-Finish” self bow.

This bow has been tillered and sanded and all you have to do…is put a finish, grip and shelf on it.   Personally, I like to use Birchwood Casey Tru Oil, but you can use any finish you choose.

Self Bow Specs:

Made from Hickory Sapwood

64″ Long

44 lbs.@28″

ON SALE $100 plus shipping

Money Orders and Credit Cards Accepted through Pay Pal

Contact me with any questions or to make a purchase

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Horse Bow, Quiver Bow Case & Arrow Set


  • Horse Bow 441/2″ long, 32#@20″ draw.
  • Rawhide backed
  • (6) Primitive arrows, self nocked
  • Bow case and quiver made from smoked brain tanned leather
  • Sold together as a set or can be sold per piece
  • All handmade

$480 plus shipping


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Deer Hide Belt Quiver

Pope and Young style belt quiver made from deer hide.  Made to be worn on your belt.  The length is 24 inches long.  All handmade.  Holds 1 dozen arrows.

$150 plus shipping

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Medieval Canvas Quiver

Handmade of heavy canvas with a heavy latigo leather spacer inside to hold a dozen arrows.  Notice the spacer holes pictured for holding each arrow.  Quite unique!

$81 plus shipping

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Primitive Eastern Woodland Quiver

Made of smoked brain tanned leather with fringe at the bottom.  It is 6″ wide at the top and 4″ wide at the bottom.  Made with blue trade wool and glass seed beads.  The strap is fully adjustable.  Holds 1 dozen arrows.

$156 plus shipping

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Large Green River Knife & Sheath

These primitive style knives are 10″ long by 4″ wide.  The sheath worn on your belt holds the knife securely.

  • Rawhide construction with red wool edge trim.
  • Smoked brain tanned leather wrapped edge.
  • Sewn with rawhide lace.
  • Painted with earth paint.

Blackfoot and Lakota designs available

$65 plus shipping

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Wood Self Nock Wild Turkey Feather Arrows


These primitive arrows are custom hand tapered for the primitive longbows.  The wood used for these arrows is strong lodge pole pine.  Each shaft is hand split and tapered from point to nock. Each shaft is spined to the exact poundage needed for the particular bow.

Field points are 23/64 160 grains.  The trade point broad heads meet the legal requirements for hunting in most states.  The length is 3″ long, 1″ wide and are 170 grains.  The trade points are replicas of early trade points.  They are hand forge creating a high carbon steel, .050 thick (dime thickness)

Sold by the dozen: Includes (6) trade points and (6) field points

$87 per dozen plus shipping.

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Primitive Hunter Style Longbow “Brown Bear”


The Primitive Hunter Style Longbow is a flat self-bow, crafted of high quality Hickory center wood, backed with raw hide.  Available either right or left handed and made specifically to your draw length and poundage.  (30#, 35#, 40#, 45#, 50#, 55#, 60#)

This longbow is named Primitive Hunter because it is a wide, pyramid shaped longbow that enables this longbow to be custom made with a shorter draw length. (63″ at a 28″ draw length)

Crafted with a natural flat stain finish, it’s available in different lengths based on your draw length. Bow lengths are from 55″ to 67″.

Order the “Brown Bear” today for $237 plus shipping.

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Hand Painted Bamboo Backed Hickory Longbow with Arrows

Just in time for Hunting Season!

This is one of my custom hand painted longbows.

It’s a bamboo backed hickory bow that comes with three bamboo arrows.  This set is ready for hunting, target shooting and renaissance festivals.

Longbow Specs:

It’s 66″ long with a 45lbs@28″ draw weight.

Finished with three coats of Birchwood Casey Tru-Oil.

Brand new and ready for the hunt!

I’m also including with the longbow, (3) bamboo arrows.

Arrow Specs:

  These are handmade with feathers that are both glued and tied down.

  The spine weight of the arrows is 45/50.

Priced at $187.00 plus shipping.

Money Orders and Pay Pal accepted.

Contact me with any questions or to make a purchase

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New Pocket Hip Quiver

New to my line of quivers, is the pocket/hip quiver.

It can be worn two ways, either on your belt or in your back pocket.

If you chose to wear it on your belt, just unsnap the loop and attach the quiver.   No need to take your belt off to put the quiver on!

It’s handmade from vegetable tan leather and embossed with a deer head.

Can hold up to six arrows.

$20.00 plus shipping.

Pay Pal and money orders accepted.

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Autographed Bow and Arrow Adventures Book

Just arrived…”Bow and Arrow Adventures” written by the legendary Dick Palmer.

Each copy is autographed by Mr. Palmer.

Get your copy today!

$10.00 plus shipping.

book cover

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New Monthly Bamboo Arrow Giveaway

To promote my bamboo arrows, I’m starting a new monthly giveaway contest.

Each month, I’ll read the submitted comments and pick one winner to receive one (1) free bamboo arrow.

I’ll even pick up the costs for shipping!

What’s the catch?

Nothing really.   Just do these few things:

  1. Shoot the arrow several times to try it out.
  2. Let a few friends try it out too.
  3. Then, contact me through e-mail or give me a call with your feedback on how you liked the arrow.
  4. If you like my bamboo arrows…share my website with your archery friends.

That’s it!

My rules for entry:

Fill out the comment below and tell me about your archery experience…what kind of bow do you shoot?  What kind of arrows do you use?  Why you’d like to try bamboo?

Only one entry per person, per address.

Must be 18 years of age or older.

Complete the comment with your name, mailing address and phone number.

I’ll contact each winner when chosen from the comment entries.

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Selway Bow Stringer

Looking for a bow stringer for your new longbow?

I carry Selway brand bow stringers.   I highly recommend these for stringing heavy longbows.   Price is $13 plus shipping.

Selway Bow Stringer

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Handmade Arm Guards

Recently, I had some leather arm guards specially made for me to sell at Hickory Stick Longbows.   They are handmade from vegetable tanned leather by a master leather craftsman.

 They are held onto your arm by adjustable elastic cords.   An archer drawing his longbow is stamped onto the leather, for decoration.   They can be worn by either men or women.   I have many in stock that are ready for shipping.  Price is $18 plus shipping.

Leather Arm Guard

Leather Arm Guard


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My Handmade Arrows for Costumes

Recently, I had a request for arrows to be used as part of two cosplay costumes.   The costumes were for the Lord of the Rings characters, Legolas and Tauriel.

Crystina, owner of Arda Wigs purchased a dozen arrows to be part of their costumes for the Atlanta Dragon Con Convention that was held on Labor Day weekend.

Dragon Con Atlanta

I was very surprised and happy to get this request, since most of my customers are either hunters or target shooters. I was very proud to have my arrows as part of a costume for such a big event.

Traditional archery is a large part of the Lord of the Rings movies. Legolas is a master bowman of the Woodland Realm and appears in all of the movies. Tauriel is captain of the Elvian Guard and is also a proficient archer and markswoman.

These movies demonstrate, within a fantasy world, a fine example of traditional archery.

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