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Horse Bow, Quiver Bow Case & Arrow Set


  • Horse Bow 441/2″ long, 32#@20″ draw.
  • Rawhide backed
  • (6) Primitive arrows, self nocked
  • Bow case and quiver made from smoked brain tanned leather
  • Sold together as a set or can be sold per piece
  • All handmade

$480 plus shipping


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Large Green River Knife & Sheath

These primitive style knives are 10″ long by 4″ wide.  The sheath worn on your belt holds the knife securely.

  • Rawhide construction with red wool edge trim.
  • Smoked brain tanned leather wrapped edge.
  • Sewn with rawhide lace.
  • Painted with earth paint.

Blackfoot and Lakota designs available

$65 plus shipping

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