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Resurrection Longbows

Introducing what I call resurrected longbows.  These are longbows that I find at garage sales that are broken and in need of “resurrecting”.  I made a little video talking about them.  They are pretty neat and well worth the time to make them new again and give them a second life.

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Used Samick Red Stag Longbow

Samick Red Stag Longbow

68″ long and 30# @ 28″ draw

Walnut riser with black glass on the limbs

This bow is like new and in very good condition

Mild reflex deflex longbow


Priced at $165 plus shipping



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Hickory Self Bow-#4

New Hickory Self Bow

40 lbs. @28″ draw, 62″ long

Arrow locator

Right Handed

Comes with (1) free bamboo arrow!

Only $75 plus shipping


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Hickory Self Bow-#2

New Hickory Longbow

45 lbs @ 28″ draw, 68″ long

Antelope horn arrow rest

Right Handed

Comes with (1) free bamboo arrow!

Was $150, now on sale for $125 plus shipping 

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Kids Black Rhino Longbow and Arrow Set

Excited to introduce a great little longbow for young archers.

The Black Rhino reflex-deflex longbow comes with (3) custom made arrows.

Longbow Specs:

  • 44″ long, 11# @22″ draw
  • Action wood riser
  • Maple under black fiberglass
  • Maple reinforced tips
  • No glove finger savers

Custom Made Arrow Specs:

  • Birch wood 22″ long 1/4″ dia.
  • Turkey left wing feathers
  • Helical Fletch
  • Plastic nocks
  • Steel point tips
  • Treated with 4 coats of Casey Tru Oil and 1 coat of Tru Oil gun stock wax

In stock and ready to ship.  Perfect for younger and smaller archers.

Priced at $160 plus shipping for the complete set.

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Primitive Indian Longbow Case


This Plains Indian style longbow case is hand made from braintan smoked leather. 

Hand sewn with double strength artificial Sinew. 

Length is 60″-76″ with additional 8″ of fringe at the bottom.

Width is 3″

Priced at $121 plain or $151 with beads plus shipping

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Hand Painted Bamboo Backed Hickory Longbow with Arrows

Just in time for Hunting Season!

This is one of my custom hand painted longbows.

It’s a bamboo backed hickory bow that comes with three bamboo arrows.  This set is ready for hunting, target shooting and renaissance festivals.

Longbow Specs:

It’s 66″ long with a 45lbs@28″ draw weight.

Finished with three coats of Birchwood Casey Tru-Oil.

Brand new and ready for the hunt!

I’m also including with the longbow, (3) bamboo arrows.

Arrow Specs:

  These are handmade with feathers that are both glued and tied down.

  The spine weight of the arrows is 45/50.

Priced at $187.00 plus shipping.

Money Orders and Pay Pal accepted.

Contact me with any questions or to make a purchase

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Bow Staves

Now available….bow blanks or staves.  They are all one piece of Bamboo backed Hickory.

A range of 60″-68″ lengths available.

The grip handle area is part of the belly and not a separate piece.

$110 plus shipping

Tillering strings available.

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Pink Bamboo Backed Hickory Longbow For Sale

I have a custom painted Pink Bamboo Backed Hickory Longbow for sale.  I thought it would be fun to paint one pink.  It’s a very light pink color, almost borders on pink/peach.   It’s right handed, 60″ long and 36 lbs.@ 26″.   The cost is $180 plus shipping.   It’s ready for hunting season!

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New Hickory Bamboo Backed Medicine Longbow with Arrows

Today, I’d like to debut my new Medicine Bow.

It’s a Bamboo backed Hickory Longbow that comes with three custom made arrows.  It’s a beauty which I am very proud of.

   This longbow is 60″ long with a 35 lb. @ 27″ draw and right handed. I stained the bow an Osage color and hand painted the design.  For decoration, I also added a glass primitive arrow head and brown rabbit fur around the leather grip.

Included in this set are three 27″ long, 5/16″ diameter POC arrows.  The feathers are both glued and tied down.

This all can be yours for only $225 plus shipping.

 Send me an email or give me a call 313-318-4185 to place an order.

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The Hunt

Since hunting season has officially begun, I wanted to post a picture of my good friend, Harry Mitchell.   He lives in South Dakota and is a traditional bow hunter.   Harry’s pictured here with his traditional harvest and the hickory longbow he used for the hunt.

Harry Mitchell

Harry Mitchell

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Longbow Gallery-In Time for Hunting Season

Longbows on display at Tomahawk Archers

Last weekend, I went out to my favorite archery club, Tomahawk Archers.  They’re located in Temperance, Michigan, near the Ohio border.   They’re real nice folks and always treat me right.  I enjoy meeting the archers and talking about my longbows and handmade arrows.

We took some photos at Tomahawk Archers and put together a nice gallery to show what I have available for sale.  I have traditional longbows, English style longbows, and my custom painted “Medicine Bows”.  Fir and bamboo shaft arrows and custom made quivers.

I have new one of a kind throwing tomahawks for sale.  Info. and pictures coming soon for those!

Just give me a call to discuss specifications and prices.  Bows start at $150 and arrows start at $8 each.   I accept money orders and credit cards that can be paid by invoice through Pay Pal.


Longbows on display at Tomahawk Archers
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Traditional Harvest with a Hickory Longbow

Deer taken with her bamboo backed hickory longbow

Pat Mitchell in South Dakota

With hunting season upon us, I wanted to share some pictures of deer taken with a traditional hickory longbow. This is Pat Mitchell with her traditional harvest taken with a bamboo backed hickory longbow.

My good friends, Harry Mitchell and his wife Pat live in South Dakota and only hunt Pope and Young deer.

Pat Mitchell

Pat Mitchell

As you can see,  Harry and Pat have had good hunting seasons with their traditional longbows.  All of these deer were shot from 20 yards or less.  The hickory bamboo backed longbows are accurate and real good for hunting.

The Mitchell Bucks proudly displayed in their living room.

The Mitchell Bucks proudly displayed in their living room.

I’ve got many bamboo backed hickory longbows for sale and ready to be shipped for this season’s hunt.

Starting at $150, it’s an affordable way to try out traditional archery.  Give me a call at 313-318-4185 for more info.

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My personal hand painted bow and quiver

Hickory Stick 2012 028 Hickory Stick 2012 024This is my personal bow and quiver that I hand painted last year.  I had a lot of fun painting them.  I let my imagination go and it came out really nice.   The colors look great and have an American Indian look about them.  Image

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The Deer Slayer-Handmade Arrow

The truth be known, shots at game are few and far between, why not harvest with an arrow truly worth the value of the game itself?

Fletched with three wild turkey feathers that have been glued and tied down in a classic shape.

Howard Hill 140 gr. hunting point that will not windplane.

A fir shaft 11/32” tapered to 5/16”.  Shaft total weight of over 500 gr.

Truly a special handmade arrow.

$25 plus shipping

Deer Slayer Arrow 007 Deer Slayer Arrow 006 Deer Slayer Arrow 005 Deer Slayer Arrow 004 Deer Slayer Arrow 008

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