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Kids Black Rhino Longbow and Arrow Set

Excited to introduce a great little longbow for young archers.

The Black Rhino reflex-deflex longbow comes with (3) custom made arrows.

Longbow Specs:

  • 44″ long, 11# @22″ draw
  • Action wood riser
  • Maple under black fiberglass
  • Maple reinforced tips
  • No glove finger savers

Custom Made Arrow Specs:

  • Birch wood 22″ long 1/4″ dia.
  • Turkey left wing feathers
  • Helical Fletch
  • Plastic nocks
  • Steel point tips
  • Treated with 4 coats of Casey Tru Oil and 1 coat of Tru Oil gun stock wax

In stock and ready to ship.  Perfect for younger and smaller archers.

Priced at $160 plus shipping for the complete set.

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Traditional Longbows for Kids

Recently, I’ve had many customers ask me about traditional longbows for their kids.  Longbows are simple and real easy to shoot, provided they are the proper draw weight.   It’s not fun for a child to try to pull and shoot a longbow if it’s too hard.   They won’t be very accurate and their confidence will suffer.

My grand daughter just out grew her kids Bear fiberglass bow.  Her Bear bow belonged to her mom (my daughter).   It’s close to 45 years old and still works great, however my grand daughter was ready for a step up.

I had a new English style longbow in my inventory and let her try it.   Boy, she just loved it.   It’s her favorite bow to shoot and she’s very accurate with it.   It’s just the right draw weight.  It’s 35# @28″ and 64″ long.

As she grows, this bow will grow with her.   She isn’t drawing it back fully yet, so I made her shorter arrows for her draw.

Here’s the best part…as she gets stronger and taller, she can still use the same bow, but will only need longer arrows.

So, for the investment of $150, these lighter English longbows are perfect for young archers.    Watch this video of my grand daughter shooting the English longbow and see how accurate and comfortable she is.

I am so proud of her.

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