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Hickory Longbow, Great Northern Quiver, Arrows and Buck Knife


Hickory Longbow, Great Northern Quiver, Arrows and Buck Knife-Complete Set

Bamboo backed hickory longbow. 63″ long, 44 lbs. @28″ draw. Right handed.

New Great Northern strap on bow quiver. Can hold 5 arrows.

(3) new handmade bamboo arrows. 29″ long. 45-55 spine weight. Feathers have been glued and tied down.

Buck 102 hunting knife with sheath. Made in the 1980’s.

Priced at $277 plus shipping

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Vintage Buck Wrangler Model 307

This is a real nice vintage Buck Wrangler knife model 307, which was made in the early 1970’s.

It’s used and in excellent condition.

This model is known as a 3 blade stockman.

The blades are tight with no wobble.  It has brass liners and stainless steel bolsters.

It comes in the original box and ready to use or collect.

$100.00 plus shipping

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Meeting Chuck Buck, from Buck Knives

Chuck and Sarah Buck

Myself, Sarah and Chuck Buck in Dundee, Michigan

This photo was taken around 2001 or so, at Cabela’s in Dundee, Michigan.  Buck knives had a special table setup with Chuck Buck and his grand daughter Sarah as special guests.

Years ago, I used to be a Buck knife dealer and would place my orders with Sarah, at Buck knives.  When they came to Michigan, I had to make the drive to Dundee to meet them in person.   I had Chuck autograph some of my special knives for myself and my daughter.  It was real nice to meet them.

I’m still a life member of the Buck collector knife club.  I signed up my grandson also, so he will always get the yearly catalogs and first looks at all of the new knives.   My grandson was about 2 years old when we were at Cabala’s and now he’s starting high school this year.

Time sure goes by fast.

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