Self Bows

U-Finish Self Bow

New to my inventory is what I call a “U-Finish” self bow.

This bow has been tillered and sanded and all you have to do…is put a finish, grip and shelf on it.   Personally, I like to use Birchwood Casey Tru Oil, but you can use any finish you choose.

Self Bow Specs:

Made from Hickory Sapwood

64″ Long

44 lbs.@28″

ON SALE $100 plus shipping

Money Orders and Credit Cards Accepted through Pay Pal

Contact me with any questions or to make a purchase

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Hickory Self Bow-SOLD


New to my inventory is a Hickory Self Bow.

It’s right handed, 64″ long and 45 lbs. @ 28″ draw weight.

It’s made from solid Hickory Sapwood with 5 coats of Casey Tru-Oil and 1 coat of Casey Gunstock Wax.

Priced at $125 ON SALE $100 plus shipping

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Osage Snake Self Bow


Looking for a unique Christmas gift?  New to my inventory is this Osage snake self bow.  It’s about 15 years old and in very good condition.

This bow is 45 lbs. @ 27″ draw and 60″ long.

Right handed with a leather wrapped grip.  The osage is a real nice dark color.

It can be yours for $175 plus shipping.

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