Handmade Quiver-Replica from the Hunger Games worn by Katniss

Hunger Games Replica Quiver

Hunger Games Replica Quiver



10% OFF

This is a replica of the quiver worn by Katniss in the Hunger Games movie. I had this one made for me by a very talented leather artist. It’s handmade using vegetable tanned leather.  This quiver is embellished with an elk horn medallion.  It can be worn right or left handed.  The quiver can hold up to one dozen arrows.  The example photo is showing the quiver holding 29” arrows, which are not included with the quiver.  The quiver measures 23” long, 5” wide.  It has adjustable strap with a gold colored buckle.

This quiver is of the highest quality workmanship, heavy duty and quite unique.

The price is $140 $126 plus shipping.

Any questions please call me 313-318-4185

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6 thoughts on “Handmade Quiver-Replica from the Hunger Games worn by Katniss

  1. stevegalea6953

    Very nice.

  2. Tucker Raifsnider

    Ron, I like this quiver too, a lot.

    • Thanks Tucker. I have a few of them available. They are real nice.

      • Tucker Raifsnider

        That’s good, save one for me. I’m looking at the pictures of your granddaughter shooting. I have an eight year old that I’m going to get into archery. Can you make a longbow for girl that age. I was looking at the Mathews Genesis, but she wants a longbow, like Catniss in the Hunger Games.

        Tucker Raifsnider


      • Hi Tucker,

        The one my grand daughter is shooting in the picture would be perfect for her. My grand daughter is 7 years old and shoots it like a pro. It’s lightweight and so easy to shoot. My daughter shoots the same bow too and she’s 45 years old. (they share it when we go to an archery club)

        I have a video of my grand daughter shooting that bow. We are going to post it on my website through YouTube. I can try to get it up this weekend so you can see how nice it is.



        Sent from Windows Mail

      • Tucker Raifsnider

        That’s great. I may have to work some extra for the bows. Or maybe take a road trip to Michigan. Thanks. Great pictures, love things handmade. Tucker


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