My Handmade Arrows for Costumes

Recently, I had a request for arrows to be used as part of two cosplay costumes.   The costumes were for the Lord of the Rings characters, Legolas and Tauriel.

Crystina, owner of Arda Wigs purchased a dozen arrows to be part of their costumes for the Atlanta Dragon Con Convention that was held on Labor Day weekend.

Dragon Con Atlanta

I was very surprised and happy to get this request, since most of my customers are either hunters or target shooters. I was very proud to have my arrows as part of a costume for such a big event.

Traditional archery is a large part of the Lord of the Rings movies. Legolas is a master bowman of the Woodland Realm and appears in all of the movies. Tauriel is captain of the Elvian Guard and is also a proficient archer and markswoman.

These movies demonstrate, within a fantasy world, a fine example of traditional archery.

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