Debut Bamboo Shaft Arrows

One dozen handmade bamboo arrows

One dozen handmade bamboo arrows

I am proud to show off my new handmade bamboo arrows. They are real nice and fly great. I’ve received a lot of compliments on how nice they fly. These have domestic turkey feathers and 125 grain field points. The spine is 60-65 pounds. These came out to be 30 1/2″ long from the nock groove to the back of the head of the field point.

They are becoming popular and I’m working on filling orders for a dozen each. Give me call @ 313-318-4185 for more info. They are priced at $9 each, plus shipping.

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8 thoughts on “Debut Bamboo Shaft Arrows

  1. Reblogged this on 323 Archery Shoot and commented:
    Those arrows look awesome! I keep thinking about going back to Traditional archery – leave all the high-tech stuff in the garage and just go with a simple setup.

  2. john mcintosh

    do you sell bare shafts?

  3. Thanks for posting my blog about my arrows on your site. I really appreciate the exposure to more archery followers.

    Yes, traditional is enjoyable because it’s so simple. Just a longbow or recurve, some nice shooting arrows and your natural abilities.

    I also have handmade longbows too. Various weights and lengths.


  4. Corey Rich

    What are some of the prices?

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